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Maxford Nelsen is a lobbyist[1] and Policy Analyst in Washington State, USA. He is employed as the Director of Labor Policy for the Freedom Foundation, a free-market and liberty advocacy organization in Olympia, which has come under fire for conducting partisan political activities, jeopardizing its 501(c)(3) status[2]. His areas of expertise include economic policy, employment regulations, public sector labor organizations and constitutional law. His original contributions to labor policy literature include "Does Union Security Promote Labor Peace in Public Employment Relations?,"[3] "Promises Made Promises Broken: The Failure of Washington State's Minimum Wage Law,"[4] "The Effects of Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Policies: Reviewing the Evidence,"[5] and "The Living Wage Strategy for Unions."[6]

Nelson's work has been published in local newspapers around the country and in national outlets like the the Wall Street Journal,[7] [8] Forbes,[9] The Hill,[10] the American Spectator,[11] [12] [13] and the Washington Examiner.[14] His work on labor policy issues has been featured in media outlets like the New York Times,[15] Seattle Times,[16] Fox News, PBS News Hour,[17] The Washington Examiner,[18] Seatle Weekly[19], Employment Policies Institute,[20] Safety + Health,[21] Free Beacon,[22][23][24] the News Tribune,[25][26] Crosscut,[27] Puget Sound Business Journal,[28] Merced Sun-Star,[29] Newsmax,[30] the Pierce Progressive,[31] Upjohn Institute for Employment Research,[32] Sacramento Bee,[33] Inlander,[34][35] Capital Press,[36] The Everett Herald,[37] the National Federation of Independent Business,[38] The Olympian,[39] The UW Daily,[40] Reason,[41] SeattleMet,[42] He is a regular guest on local radio stations like 710 KIRO, 770 KTTH and 570 KVI.

Nelson is an ardent opponent of raising the minimum wage[43] and of mandatory earned sick leave for employees[44].

In March 2013, Nelson published an editorial on the Freedom Foundation website that opposed a Washington bill that would allow state employees to donate their leave to coworkers who become “sick or temporarily disabled because of pregnancy and/or childbirth” or who can’t afford to stay at home to “bond with their newborn, adoptive, or foster child.”[45]

Nelsen previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, and he graduated from Whitworth University.


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