Maximum (professional wrestling)

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Members Naruki Doi
Masato Yoshino
Big R Shimizu
Debut May 4, 2017
Promotions Dragon Gate

Maximum (stylised as MaxiMuM) is a professional wrestling stable in the Japanese promotion Dragon Gate, formed on May 4, 2017.


On October 12, 2016, Monster Express and VerserK faced off in a losers disband match. During the match, VerserK's Kotoka returned, disguised as Dr. Muscle. Kotoka attacked VerserK's El Lindaman and left the stable, turning face in the process. As per the stipulation, Monster Express was forced to disband after losing the match. After the match, Naruki Doi was kicked out of VerserK by T-Hawk. Yoshino offered his condolences to Doi, his longtime tag team partner, though, Doi refused. Eventually, Doi, Yoshino and Kotoka formed a temporary alliance to combat VerserK, however, they were forced to break up when Yoshino injured his vertebrae in early 2017. On March 20, Doi, Ben-K and Big R Shimizu won the vacant Open the Triangle Gate Championship, defeating VerserK's Brother Yasshi, Shingo Takagi and T-Hawk.[1] Yoshino eventually returned from injury in April, and on May 3, officially announced the formation of a new stable consisting of himself, Doi, Ben-K and Shimizu. On May 4, they were joined by Kotoka and dubbed themselves Maximum (最大, Makishimum). Their first match as a unit took place the following day on May 5, when they were defeated by the Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu, Ryo "Jimmy" Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!! and Jimmy Kness J.K.S.[2]

In wrestling[edit]

  • Entrance themes
  • 1st Finger by 21g (May 5, 2017–present)


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