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The Maxpanda Dashboard
Type of business Private
Type of site
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Steve Kyriakidis, Gary Dessler
Industry Internet
Registration Required
Launched January 2009; 9 years ago (2009-01)[1]
Current status Active

Maxpanda CMMS is a web-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) used a to help streamline daily maintenance requests and organize and prioritize preventive maintenance schedules for one or multiple facilities.[2] It has offices located in Santa Monica, California, U.S.A and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[3] It was created by Steve Kyriakidis and Gary Dessler in 2004 with the beta version 1.0 being release in 2009. In 2010 version 2.0 was launched with version 3.0 following in 2013. With version 2.0 the software was switched from a one-time fee to a subscription based model.

Maxpanda is considered a software as a service (SaaS) and follows a monthly subscription business model which includes a 7-day free trial. There is also a mobile app available under the name GoMAX! Mobile that works in conjunction with the main software.[4][5]


File:Maxpanda Work Order Submission Screenshot.png
Maxpanda Work Order Submission Screenshot

Maxpanda is a web-based CMMS software. Its systems user interface takes the form of a dashboard and allows the user to submit, assign and track work orders with real-time email and mobile push notifications. Work orders can either be submitted on an individual basis or placed on a reoccurring schedule, such as for preventive maintenance. Work orders can be displayed in a list view or daily, weekly or monthly calendar view.

Buildings, locations, assets or other company data can be uploaded or directly inputted through Maxpanda by the user enabling work orders to be assigned to a specific site or item. Work orders can further be expanded with the use of the software’s customizable task list or through the attachment of documents, images and audio files directly into the work order. Once a work order is created, it can be assigned to either multiple internal maintenance staff or external vendors. Maxpanda allows for an unlimited number of users to be created into each company account.[6]

Parts and inventory can be tracked within the system alerting the administrator through email when stock levels fall below a pre-designated level. Work orders, inventory, maintenance spending and more can be easily traced within the software through its internal reports. Available internal reports include: work order status, work order summary, asset cost summary, building cost summary, location cost summary, labour cost summary, vendor cost summary, asset thresholds, location thresholds and submitter summary.

Maxpanda works in conjunction with its mobile app GoMAX! Mobile. Maxpanda CMMS is available in a variety of different languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazil.[7]

File:Maxpanda Report Screenshot.png
Maxpanda Report Screenshot


Devices Supported: Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac, Mobile Web App, Web-based, Windows

Supported Countries: United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico[8]

Supported Platforms: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari

Certifications: CSAE3416, ISAE 3402, CAN-SPAM, Europrise, GeoTrust, ISO 27001, McAfee, Safe Harbor, SAS-70, SSAE16, Verisign

Pricing model: Monthly Subscription [9]

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