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The Media in Dubai has evolved drastically over the years. From the traditional print newspapers to everyone being an influencer and a news provider, the region like the rest of the world is now experiencing it's peak in journalism. With major publishing houses such as Motivate and ITP, we have seen the region grow and be able to address a number of sector be it Oil & Gas which is the heart and soul of the region to travel and tourism which has now become the backbone of the region due to the unstable oil prices.

Regional newspapers such as Al Bayan and Al Khaleej which are amongst the leading newspapers in the region continues to be the same along with English Dailies such as Gulf News and Khaleej Times. However, we are steadily moving to be an influencer region and companies are now launching programs to support this growth. Cicero & Bernay is the first public relations company in the region to launch an influencer program called 'See & Be. reaching out to the influencers in the region and strongly believe that each one of us too is an influencer.