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Meera Kathiravan[edit]

Personal details[edit]

Born – 08.06.1981
Meera Kathiravan @ Vizhithiru Shooting Spot
Profession – Writer / Film Director / Film Producer

Nationality – Indian

Early Life:[edit]

Born in Thirikoodapuram, Chokkampatti P.O. in Thirunelveli district Meera Kathiravan assumed his pen name after his mother Nalla Meeral. His real name is “Abul Hassan”. His father Abdul Hameed was a headmaster. Meera, studied in Puliangudi - HNUC TN Puthukudi school in Vasudevanallur block. The Metamorphosis period: By the end of 1998, Meera decided to ensue with film- making. After schooling he spent most of his time in watching films and getting himself equipped to join the main stream of the tinsel world. In 2002, he was acquainted with the best books available and he was much fascinated towards the space of creating fictions. This imbibed in him the pursuit to write. And it was in a state of stupor, he penned down stories, Poems and Articles which were published in both popular and literary magazines like Kanayazhi , Kalki , Kaalakuri , Kumudham , Uyirmai, etc. He had an innate inclination towards translations. As a person from the borders of Tamilnadu and Kerala, he could well translate many Malayalam books written by veterans- He translated M.T. Vasudeva Nair’s “Nirmalyam”, Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s “Elli Pathayam” (The Rat Trap), and the reputed book on “The world of cinema” which was credited upon with a national award for the Malayalam version. After his story “Mazhai Vaasam” was published in Kalki, director Balu Mahendra called him to appreciate his narrative skills. Meera stayed with the stalwart of Tamil cinema in the discussions of the latter’s movie. Venturing into cinema: In 2002, Meera joined as an assistant director to Cinematographer / Director Thangar Bachan in his movie, “Thendral”. Later he assisted A.K.Lohitha das, the famous Malayalam Script Writer and director in his venture in Tamil named “Kasthoori Maan” By the time he worked with A.K.Lohitha das and Balu Mahendra, he made a trailer for “Aval peyar Tamizharasi” which won many credits. Impressed by the trailer, Moser Baer Company offered to produce the movie. In 2007, he started shooting “Aval peyar Tamizharasi”, which was woven on the folk arts of Tamilnadu , Tholpaavai koothu (Leather Puppet Show), for the first of its’ kind in Tamil tinsel world. Before even released, “Aval Peyar Tamizharasi” was screened in an international film festival 2009 in Dubai. It must be noted that only very few Indian films were screened in the festival that specific year and “Aval Peyar Tamizharasi” one among the few selected. The film was released on March 10, 2010 and earned a plethora of good reviews. Media hailed Meera kathiravan as a ray of hope of Tamil industry.

Production house:[edit]

After the release, Meera started his own production company “Haya Mariyam Film House” in which he mainly wanted to construct a platform for young aspiring talents. His yet to be released movie “Vizhithiru” which involves four stories that happen in one single night and the disclosure of the nexus one has with the other is followed by many films that are in the embryo stages of script work.


His family includes his wife, Jeni Marx and his daughter Haya Mariyam.


Year Film Director Producer
2010 Aval Peyar Tamizharasi Yes No
2017 Vizhithiru Yes Yes
2018 Untitled [ Pre-Production] Yes -