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=== The biography of Kessis Kefyalew Merahi === <ref> Kessis Kfyalew Merahi was born in a village called Guna St. Michael in the province of Gondar on December 29, 1943. His father was a known teacher of “Quine” which consolidates the Ethiopian logic and philosophy. It is something miracle that Kessis Kefyalew was saved with his mother three days before delivery. His parents was living at least ten kilometers far away from his grandparent’s village. When his mother was nine months pregnant, three days remaining for delivery, she transferred to her mother’s residence for better treatment as many people in the country sides do. His father put his mother w/o Zewditu on the mule’s back with her daughter. Aleka Mrahi was also moving on foot having other essential things loading with donkey. Unfortunately the mule jumped and ran with high speed which was impossible to control and his elder sister fallen down; his mother was being pulled by the mule while half of her body was in the ground. She suffered a lot and was pulled about for hundred meters. No one believed that she would be saved from such accident. But she was saved with the help of the Almighty God. After three days, she was blessed with a healthy baby. Aleka Merahi looking the baby wwith a good health and was astonished with the miracle of God. He named it “Medmim” which means very surprising, astonishing. The mother in turn named him “ Kefyalew” as he was special and historical of all her children. As it was common to call the baby by the name that his father named, he was called by the name of Medmim in the province of Gondar in his church’s school. After he came to Addis Ababa the name Medmim was unfamiliar for many people and difficult to pronounce and many of his friends and teachers persuade him to change the name. Because of this he again changed the name to Kefyalew that his mother called him. While he was about five year age, he started the basic church education at home with the guide of his father Aleka Merahi. He learned how the read and write and study for the diaconate under the guidance and close follow up of his father. At the age of ten he was ordained a deacon by Abune Michael arch buishop of Gondar Diocese.

Educational background Besides to his church education he is certified in different fileds. • Certificate in spoken English and public speaking at Guild Hall School of Music and Drama in London. • Diploma in Development Education at Holy Ghost College in Dublin. • Diploma in social and Political Science at clavier house social studies institute London. After coming back to Ethiopia he has served the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in defferent positions.  He served as a secretary of Tensae Publishing house.  As a chief secretary of the Holy Trinity Cathedral where he served more than six years.  In 1984 Deacon Kefyalew was ordained a priest by his Holiness Abune Teklehaimanot, the then patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido chuch.  In 1988 he was appointed as a deputy head of the mission and evangelism department, EOTC.  On July 1988 Kessis Kefyalw was assigned as a head of pastoral care service of the development and inter church aid commission.

International exposure  Member with a special choir group to demonstrate traditional churches music composed by st. Yared and visited nine European countries in the year of 1969.  In 1988 he participated in the mission and evangelism conference in San Antonio, Texas USA as a representative of EOTC.  In 1989 he conducted and educational tour on urban and rural area development in East Africa and shared his experience.  In 1990 he participated in Syndesoms. The international Orthodox Church Youth conference in Egypt at St. Bishoy Monastery as a representative of EOTC.  He participated in the pre orient meeting held in Vaina (Austria) for a reunification studies program of the Roman Catholic and Oriental Orthodox Churches.  In 1997 he conducted educational tour on urban and rural area development in Uganda. In addition his pastoral duties, Kessis Kefyalew is dedicated and committed in introducing various issues for the world by presenting the public places, writing books, and other development areas. So far he has written 25 books.

Books written in local language (Amharic)  The spiritual life of women  The principle of marriage  The intercession of saints  The contribution of the church to Ethiopia civilization  Women in Ethiopia  The meaning of “Trguame Quine Felege Hiwot”  Ethiopian Government in the month February  Mintiwab  Book of scholars “Zekre-likawent” 1st-4th

Books written in English  The covenant of Holy Mary Zion with Ethiopia  The order of marriage and social ethics  The spiritual and social life Cristian women  The contribution of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church to the Ethiopian Civilization  Saints and Monasteries I  Saints and Monasteries II  Peace and Reconciliation  The most Versatile Ethiopian Scholar, St. Yared and his outstanding works  Peace and development in the new Ethiopian millennium  The meaning of Quine; the River of Life  Christianity in Ethiopia Kessis Kefyalew is married to W/o Almaz Getachew and blessed with five sons. This biography is developed by one of his spiritual sons (Yilkal Shiferaw)