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Melecs is an international Austrian EMS service provider. In addition to the Austrian locations in Vienna, Siegendorf and Lenzing, Melecs has factories in Györ, Hungary and Wuxi, China. The company develops and manufactures electronic components for the automotive, industrial, communications, lighting and domestic appliances sector.


The roots of Melecs are justified in the Siemens AG. Melecs is based on a management buy-out of the three shareholders Friedrich Pressl, Ernst Mayrhofer and Bernhard Pulferer in 2009. [2]

In addition to the Melecs EWS plant in Siegendorf, Austria, which was set up in 2002, the Melecs EEC branch was opened in Györ, Hungary. The integration of Melecs EWL in Lenzing, Austria followed and in 2016 the opening of the Melecs EWW subsidiary in Wuxi, China was proceeded. [3]

The strongest growth since Melecs was founded is in the automotive sector, particularly in the case of transmission controls for all-wheel drive vehicles, where large market shares in Europe, the USA and Asia could be gained. The technical structure of the gearbox control system was chosen by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Patent Office in 2015, among the top 10 of the most innovative Austrian patents in 2014. [4]


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