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Merlin Project
Developer(s) ProjectWizards
Stable release
Repository {{#property:P1324}}
Operating system macOS, iOS
Type Project management software
License EULA

Merlin Project (originally called Merlin in versions 1.x and 2.x) is a project management software product from ProjectWizards GmbH, headquartered in Germany. Among other features the software provides an ability to create project plans, track the status of activities, assignments to resources, and manage budgets. It includes Gantt chart activity timelines, work breakdown structure (WBS), net maps (project networks), mind maps, and resource workload in bar diagrams, histograms or time boxes.

Version 2.0.3 was reviewed and scored 4 mice by MacWorld (April 2007):[1]

"Merlin 2.0.3, from Project Wizards, is project management software that is not only as good as its Windows competition, Microsoft Project, but much better. Merlin 2 takes the excellent foundation provided by the initial version of the software ( ) and evolves it into the kind of intuitive program that leverages the best features the Mac has to offer."[2]

Through an ongoing evaluation on Captera [3], a web site dedicated to product reviews of software through actual user, Merlin project received 4.5 from possible 5 stars.

Merlin variants[edit]

It is the main desktop application creating and editing the Merlin Project files on mac and following a feature set similar to Microsoft Project. Merlin Project files are Bundle (macOS) files. Their file ending is .mproject

  • Merlin Project Go (iOS)

In June 2016, Merlin Project Go was released. It was developed as a universal app which runs on iPhone or iPad and supporting the latest iOS versions on those devices. It is available over the appStore in a subscription model only.

The iOS version covers all core features of the macOS native application except of reports, net maps, mind maps, and resource workload in bar diagrams, histograms or time boxes. It was designed as a companion to Merlin Server but also as a stand-alone app.

  • Merlin Server

In May 2009, Merlin Server was released as an application for sharing and publishing of Merlin Project documents. With the release of version 4 on May 2016, Merlin Server became compatible to the Merlin Project file format. It was designed as a central database offering files for concurrent access to users of Merlin on a Mac or iOS devices. It syncs changes on the files from/to the various users. Merlin Server includes a web server allowing a read access by a supported web browser and a publishing option for automated and unattended exports of project information for reporting purposes.

  • Merlin Project Express

In March 2017, Merlin Project Express was released as a slick version of Merlin Project. As such it supports a subset of the main feature set. It is available over the appStore or Setapp in a subscription model only.

See also[edit]

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