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Ramesh "Mesh" Flinders (born 1979) [1] is a screenwriter who, along with Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, is best known for creating the lonelygirl15 video series which received international attention during the summer months of 2006.

Flinders grew up in northern California and studied film at Occidental College in Los Angeles[2] and wrote about a home schooled girl who would eventually become the basis for lonelygirl15, and told fireside tales about her as a camp counselor in Maine.[3]

Flinder's first film is titled "In the Time of My Undoing," [4] which won the 2003 Occidental College student film award.[5]

Flinders' short film "Pond" won the Panavision Young Writer's award in 2004.[6][7] "Pond" was premiered at the 2006 New York Short Film Festival,[8] and was an official selection in many other film festivals including the 2007 Sacramento Film Festival [9] and 2006 Spokane International Film Festival.[10]

In early 2006, Flinders was working as an assistant in the entertainment industry and maker of short films [11] when he met Beckett at a karaoke bar birthday party. Beckett had the idea to tell a story about a videoblogger on YouTube, and Flinders provided the character.[12] Around the time the series began, Flinders and Beckett contacted Greg Goodfried for legal advice.[3] The three eventually became known as The Creators.[13] Flinders, Beckett, and Goodfried later founded Telegraph Ave. Productions to develop other web series and to marketing for movies and TV shows [14] which subsequently became EQAL in mid-2008.[15]

The bedroom of Flinders' apartment provided the backdrop for the lonelygirl15 series, with most of the accessories in the room purchased at Target and thrift stores.[3][16]

Flinders has hosted a number of new media related talks, including the The Hollywood and Games Summit [17] and in September 2007 for the Flash Point Academy.[7]

Flinders currently lives in Manhattan [18] where he completed a short feature, "Further Ln." [19] which premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in April, 2010.


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