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MH-UWIT (MM).jpg
Born Mirzahasan Mammadov

October 11, 1994 (age 22) Baku, Azerbaijan

Occupation Rapper · Businessman · Investor
Hometown Baku, Azerbaijan
Genres Hip Hop
Labels Master Cube Records · TMProductionsCartel · Cartel Inc. · Mirzahasan Foundation

Early Life & Career

Mirzahasan also known as MH-Uwit was born on October 11, 1994 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. He began & is currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1999. He started to rap with stage name MH-Uwit since 2007 & started to produce with DJ Name Mafia King since 2010, he has started his own label called Master Cube Records. In the year of 2011, he started a group called Cartel, stands for Cartel And Rising Teenage Empire Life also known as Cartel Nation in short form, in the same year he has started a production called TMProductionsCartel, which is responsible for video production.

MH-Uwit has finally released his CLASSIC Mixtape "Qaraqartal (Black Eagle)" in September 14th 2013 with 18 hot tracks. MH-Uwit said that "Qaraqartal (Black Eagle)" Mixtape has the new type of music & style. He also mentioned that "Qaraqartal (Black Eagle)" Mixtape features many artists from Cartel Nation & His upcoming EXCLUSIVE Mixtape "IAMMIRZAHASAN" will be unbelievable.

Later on, MH-UWIT released details about his upcoming project which was titled "C.G.B (Can't Go Back)" and now titled "C.G.B Classic", but this is not just a project, it is an album, which will contain 20 tracks, all chosen strictly and each track has a story behind it. Moreover, the album was known as "The Golden Tape" as it was the best project that MH-UWIT has ever produced, it was released on February 6th 2015. It had many hit singles that helped the album to reach where it is today, it is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Microsoft Store, etc.


MH-UWIT just dropped a single from the album Ghost, it has been over 2 years since his last drop. This track is about a love story and dedicated to people who are struggling in love. MH-UWIT stated that the album is in process and there will be a new music video coming soon, which is entitled Save Me by MH-UWIT. The track is available in iTunes, Google Play Store, Shazam, Tidal, etc. NEW SINGLE: MH-UWIT - FALLING