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At Michigan Litigation Law, you will find aggressive Michigan lawyers focused on DUI, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family, Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Business, Civil Rights, and Employment litigation in federal and state court. Our award winning law firm, and free online legal resources, have been called "one of the best", and were ranked in the top 10% of all attorneys nationwide in litigation law in 2017. We've been helping Michiganders for years and can now help even more with our new 2017 online legal platform.

We take a trustworthy and honest approach to the law. Legal "tricks" were only known by a few high priced attorneys and lawyers for millennia, but now in 2017 we can provide you with these legal "secrets" via the internet. Our mission is to take a traditional profession into the modern era with our online platform. Our slogan is, "Find Affordable Lawyers and Free Legal Resources", and you'll know why when you see our collection of legal resources drafted by our Michigan attorneys. At MichiganLitigationLaw.com, you can easily browse free legal information created by our Michigan litigation lawyers on DUI, Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Divorce, and more. Our Michigan litigation lawyers stay on top of the always changing legal landscape and do their best to bring it to you in a simple to understand manner.

Our Metro Detroit lawyers are known from Grand Rapids to Traverse City for providing the best free legal information on DUI, DWI, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family, Driving and Traffic, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, Business, Probate, Trust and Estate, Corporate, Employment, Real Estate, Medical Malpractice, Insurance, Commercial, Immigration, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Foreclosure, Estate Planning, Child Custody, Prenup, Medical Marijuana, Drug Law, Dog Bite, and all other types of litigation. We're the best at helping you make informed legal decisions and helping you find the best attorney for your case. Michigan Litigation Law prides itself on being the best litigation legal resource on the internet in Michigan and strive to be the best at helping Michiganders find free legal information.

The spirit of giving goes hand-in-hand with our free online legal resources. Michigan Litigation Law is proud to assist in providing pro bono public services. The best way we can fulfill this responsibility is by accepting a fair share of unpopular matters and indigent and unpopular clients. Moreover, we put great emphasis on providing the best online legal resources to all Michiganders as a form of a public interest legal service. We provide online resources at no fee, or some more specialized resources at a reduced fee, to persons of limited means. MichiganLitigationLaw.com is meant to improve the law, the legal system, and the legal profession.

That's our motto here at Michigan Litigation Law. We know you are going through a tough and hectic time when you may need helping finding the best lawyer near you. Whether you are physically or emotionally injured, or have lost property or your freedom and liberty, our Michigan trial attorneys are here to help. Don't risk calling some TV lawyer you can't trust and never actually see. Our small boutique law office located in Birmingham is able to provide high quality legal services across the entire State of Michigan.

Here at Michigan Litigation Law, our attorneys are known for providing the top free legal resources on Michigan litigation law and have won awards for litigation expertise. We hope to help you make the best legal decisions for your case. While our free legal information can't fully replace true "legal advice" we are confident this free legal information is the best way to help you determine whether our paid services are needed or if your case can be handled yourself with a little more information. You know your case best, and we hope our free information allows you to make the best decision.

Michigan Litigation Law is an award winning law firm, that provides legal advice and resources in all that is Michigan litigation - constitutional law, civil rights law, divorce and family law, criminal defense law, employment law, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, medical malpractice, auto accident, dog bite law, etc.. As of June 2017 we have already helped many satisfied clients with their litigation needs and would love the opportunity to help you make the best legal decision you can!

At Michigan Litigation Law, we take pride in being the best "modern law firm" and provide legal information in an easy to understand manner. Unlike other lawyers' websites that fail to provide any useful information and rather just state that you must call them for a "free consultation", at Michigan Litigation Law, our attorneys provide the best legal resources from top rated Michigan litigation lawyers. We hope the free legal information we provide is enough, however, if individual legal advice is still needed, we encourage you to call us at 248-850-5824 or contact us online to speak to a real Michigan litigation lawyer to help you make the best decision with your case. At Michigan Litigation Law, we take pride in being the best legal resource for litigation online and in being an award winning, top rated traditional litigation law firm - this mix of traditional lawyer services and modern legal resources created by our attorneys allows us to reach more people in Michigan with legal issues from DUI to Divorce to Injury to Employment to Business.

Here at Michigan Litigation Law, we're known for having the best specialized resources on all that is litigation: employment, medical malpractice, business, auto accident, lemon, divorce and family, criminal defense, & constitutional violations. Michigan Litigation Law serves dual roles: (1) as a top rated attorney and counselor; and (2) as the best free "legal advice" on the internet. It's not enough to just provide a link to the plain statutes, although we do that too - at MichiganLitigationLaw.com, we created an easy to understand legal platform with analysis from qualified, competent and experienced Michigan litigation attorneys on areas from DUI to Divorce to Civil Rights and much more. We know Michigan Litigation Law can help with you make the best decision with your legal needs, wherever you are in Michigan, whether its Detroit or Kalamazoo or Traverse City.

How did this aggressive Michigan trial law firm get started? Attorney and Online Director at Michigan Litigation Law, Joseph Gale, attended Wayne State University Law school in Detroit, Michigan after obtaining a Business degree from the top ranked Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University in East Lansing. This experience provided the basis for our legal expertise in Michigan law and provided a business perspective to allow us to best the best at effectively and efficiently bringing legal resources all across Michigan. It is our hope that the days of legal information being unavailable on the internet are over, and we see many other sites following along with this trend.

In the early 2000's, it became apparent that the internet lacked valuable legal information from attorneys and lawyers on most areas of litigation from criminal defense to divorce to employment and everything in between. As time passed and most industries became heavily focused on the internet, the Michigan legal resources remained scarce. So, Joseph Gale went to law school, became an attorney, gained valuable litigation experience, and now strives to be the best on the internet in all areas of litigation: DUI, criminal defense, employment, business, divorce, and so much more. We are confident this is the best way to help the Michigan community make informed legal decisions. Our online legal platform can help us spread free "legal advice" across the State of Michigan, and we've had great experience helping individuals from Detroit to Harbor Springs find the best attorney near them.

How do we help you find the best attorney? Whether you are looking the best lemon lawyer or a top criminal defense attorney or the best civil rights litigation expert, at Michigan Litigation Law we promise to refer you to a competent and qualified attorney if we are not the best lawyer for you. At Michigan Litigation Law, we assure all of our potential clients that if we are not the best attorney for them, for whatever reason, whether we are too busy at the time, or know of a better more qualified lawyer to best serve your interests, we will help you find the best attorney for you. We take pride in never taking on a case that we are not prepared to aggressively litigate, and promise to help find you the best attorney for your case.

Why is it so difficult to find an accomplished and experienced attorney? To quote the Chief Federal Judge at Detroit's Federal Courthouse, "there are too many attorneys in Michigan, but there are not enough good ones." At Michigan Litigation Law, we take pride in being one of the good ones, and in helping you find the best attorney, even if that is not us. We don't say we are the "largest", or we are the "best" at everything that is the law; nor is that what we strive to be. Michigan Litigation Law is a disciplined firm that focuses on your wants and needs before our own. We know that you are going through a painful and traumatic time and we want to help you find qualified and experienced attorneys in DUI, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Employment, Lemon Law, Bankruptcy, and all litigation law.

When "the people" first gained individual rights in 1215 after the signing of the Magna Carta, lawyers and attorneys and have played a pivotal role in protecting these individual liberties. Many people are familiar with Shakespeare's famous line about attorneys, Let's kill all the lawyers." However, this line is often misinterpreted, and this story is one of the best stories from law school. While many believe it was a insult to the corrupt, unethical lawyers, it is in fact the exact opposite. Shakespeare's exact line The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers, was stated by Dick the Butcher in Henry VI, Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73. Dick the Butcher was a follower of the rebel Jack Cade, who planned to disturb law and order, so he could become king. However, the truth is that Shakespeare meant it as a compliment to attorneys and judges who instill justice in society. Our mission is to ensure that this pivotal role that has helped thousands of others for generations will continue into the 21st century.

Why do Michigan Businesses love Michigan Litigation Law? Businesses in 2017 don't waste money on lawyers like they used to, and our attorneys are already helping many Michigan businesses end this "bad habit". If you're still paying lawyers like people did in the 1950s, you're doing something wrong. Our business mission is to be the best at providing efficient and effective legal services to Michigan businesses by providing low cost general counsel services all across Michigan. Further, we provide free general legal resources and low cost litigation and trial attorney services. Think of us as the best general counsel your business has ever hired. Don't hire a general counsel on a full time basis, when you can get the best online general counsel in Michigan and save money by only using our services as they are needed. We can help any Michigan business with all of their legal needs - from contract drafting to arbitration to full blown litigation. If you're sick of being the only business owner still wasting "boat loads" of money on your lawyer, instead of buying a new boat, it's time to give Michigan Litigation Law a call so we can bring your business into the future.

Whether we need to litigate against the federal government or local governments or police departments our Michigan litigation attorneys will aggressively pursue any legal wrong in society and will use the law as a sword against those who abuse their power. If you have faced an injustice relating to your employment, or were wrongfully stopped by the police and charged with a DUI, or were wronged in marriage and need to file for divorce, we are here to help. Our top rated litigation experts will aggressively pursue your case and will back down to no one to fulfill our ethical role as lawyers. If your rights were violated, it is your obligation as an American to protect all of our freedoms and our aggressive litigation law firm specializes in Michigan law and is here to help you.

Our litigation lawyers focus on all areas of litigation from DUI to Divorce to Injury law in Michigan. Our trial attorneys study all areas of the law from family law to criminal defense to general litigation which allowed us to become a top 10% ranked litigation law firm and allowed us to earn the title, 'Lawyer of Distinction'. Now that you know about this amazing legal resource, we know you'll be back for your legal needs in the future and tell your friends, like many before you, that MichiganLitigationLaw.com is the "best free online legal resource in Michigan." If you need more individual, true "legal advice", we encourage you to call us at 248-850-5824 or contact us online for a more in depth consultation. We're here to help with employment law, criminal defense, business law, and all things litigation in Michigan.

Every time we speak to a client or a potential client our focus is on helping you find the best lawyer for your individual needs. We pride ourselves in being affordable trustworthy "gentleman's attorneys". We are on standby 24/7 waiting for your e-mail or call. We know the need to litigate can arise unexpectedly and our law office is available all hours of the day to be "on call" for your legal needs and best serve your interests.

Michigan Litigation Law has always focused on being the best at putting the client's needs first, and that continues in 2017. We have cultivated a reputation for knowledge, competency, trust, and honesty . At Michigan Litigation Law, we strive to continue to be known as "honest and trustworthy" in all of our dealings.

Please tell us about yourself so we can help protect your rights. Please CLICK HERE for a free consultation and fill out the attached form to tell us about your case, or call us at 248-850-5824. As stated above, if we are unable to take the case, we will refer you to an experienced competent lawyer who can. At Michigan Litigation Law, the client's needs always come before ours.

We're able to help all 83 Michigan counties and all 533 Michigan cities and villages and are here to help with all of your litigation needs, including: DUI, Criminal Defense, Family, Driving and Traffic, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, Business, Probate, Trust and Estate, Corporate, Employment, Real Estate, Medical Malpractice, Insurance, Commercial, Immigration, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Foreclosure, Child Custody, Prenup, Medical Marijuana, Drug Law, Dog Bite, and all other types of litigation. Our Michigan lawyers take this job very seriously and are intent on making the world a better place, one litigation matter and one client at a time.