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The Micro Script of a feature film contains several ‘Micro Scenes’ necessary for a screenplay and a Micro Scene describes the outline of every scene. Hence, the Micro Script of a feature film is a time saving project for Directors, which includes scene wise brief description of an upcoming screenplay so that Directors can understand story movement, nature, genre, logic, sense of humor and emotional angles of a story in the sham environment of screenplay.

Micro Script does not contain dialogues and camera movements but it explains all the important factors, features and necessity of every scene for upcoming screenplay. Generally, a Micro Script contains 20 pages of A4 size. Micro Script helps a screenwriter to develop a real screenplay of a feature film. In fact, generally a screenwriter imagines a Micro Script in his mind before he starts to develop a screenplay.

Micro Script was founded by Rajat Vynar in 2002 and implemented in a Tamil MovieKaivantha Kalai’ in 2006. Its screenplay was developed on the background of a Micro Script. Yash Raj Chopra referred Micro Script as an ‘amazing revolution for cine field’ and ‘time saving project for Directors’ which should be implemented in all feature films. He added, ‘Although it is not an easy task to frame an outline of screenplay in just twenty pages as a Micro Script but a Micro Script should be asked from Screenwriters instead of a story or novel because in our busy schedule we don’t have so much time to read a lengthy bounded script in order to decide whether script is appropriate for making a successful movie or not.’

In other words, a Micro Script creates a sham environment for upcoming screenplay in a Director’s imagination.