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Mike is a popular War Thunder YouTubers who has recently taken up practice in the porn industry as MikeGoesSexual and has been gaining a name in the YouTube community as he has gained over atleast like 12 maybe 13 subs.

MikeGoesBoom has recently been involved with the great Anime Tiddy War, Revolution of the Docs and the Forced invasion of Squidonia under general TheOldDoctor

Mike currently lives as a War Lord Despot who finds pride in invading Squidonia and has caused harm to over 4 maybe 5 servers (I have no clue)

Mike if your reading this please give Doc like $70 or whatever that is in euros Better give it to the banks, TheOldDoctor™ has still depts from his attempted conquering

Psssst, Mike secretly loves Poi and wants to have his babies.

Mike also has a R34 Page on him, GG