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Mike "Boogie" Malin
Born Michael Robert Carri
(1970-07-16) July 16, 1970 (age 47)
Los Angeles, California
Residence West Hollywood, California
Other names Boogie, Mike Boogie
Home town Studio City, California
Television Big Brother 2 (8th)
All-Star (winner)
Big Brother 14 (10th)
Children 1 (Brady)

Mike "Boogie" Malin (born Michael Robert Carri; July 16, 1970) is an American actor, co-owner, and reality television personality who appeared on Big Brother 2, All-Star which he won, and Big Brother 14 as a coach then a houseguest.


Boogie was a co-owner of the Tapas Bar, Belly in LA. He co-owns Italian Restaurant with Dolce Enoteca. Mike then became a restaurateur. Mike has gone on to open several restaurants and bars, and has made several appearances in television and film besides Big Brother.

Big Brother[edit]

His appearances on the series have led to Mike often being listed as a "legend" of the series.

Big Brother 2[edit]

While in the house, he became known for rapping, and often came up with games for the HouseGuests to play. Mike became a member of the Chilltown alliance with friends Shannon and Will, and also had a close friendship with Justin. The Chilltown group quickly became a target for the other HouseGuests, with various alliances forming in an attempt to take out the alliance. Mike was a source of much drama in the house, clashing with HouseGuests such as Autumn and Kent. He was the first Head of Household of the season, and unsuccessfully targeted Nicole for eviction. Mike was ultimately evicted on Day 33, coming in eighth place; he voted for Will to win.

Big Brother: All Stars[edit]

Upon entering the house, however, he once again aligned himself heavily with Will, and the two re-established the "Chill Town" alliance. This seemingly created a target for the two, but they both were shocked several times not to be nominated. There has been speculation around the internet that Mike was only chosen because Will refused to participate without his buddy from Season 2. This belief was supported by an admission on the live feeds in the HOH by Will to James and Kaysar that he refused to participate unless Boogie was on the show. The producers cut the live feed soon after this statement. The topic was even discussed on CBS' House Calls, on which he is constantly referred to as "Booger." Mike Boogie was nominated on Week 4 by Head of Household Janelle, alongside Erika. He won the Power of Veto that week, however, earning him the ability to rescue himself. Mike used the Veto and Diane took his place. He and Will formed an alliance with Danielle and Season Six houseguest James- who had felt betrayed by his previous alliance. They referred to this alliance as the "Legion of Doom" but Danielle felt angry at her allies last week when they didn't try in the veto competition- letting Janelle win it. Mike and Will have also formed an alliance with remaining Sovereigns Janelle and Howie despite having declared early intention to see the two evicted. The four called this alliance "The Perfect Storm". He also has an alliance with Erika- who is he rumored to have been romantically involved with before the show began and has recently been making out with inside the house. He is working to save one of his allies Erika in favor of evicting Marcellas who he has referred to as a "cancer". At the end of Week 6, Mike was informed that he had won the new power of Coup D'État, which gives him the right to overthrow the Head of Household on the live eviction night and replace their nominees with any two people he chooses, excluding the Head of Household and the Veto holder. Week 7 was a double-eviction week. Feeling betrayed by "Chill Town," evicted houseguest Howie confronted Mike on his way out the door, going as far as to throw the hat Mike was wearing across the room. Mike won the second HoH of the week. He chose to nominate Janelle and James, with the intention of evicting James. His wish was granted when Janelle won the Power of Veto and James was voted out 3-1. At the final four, Mike won his second Head of Household of the season and nominated Janelle and Erika. Janelle won the Power of Veto again and the only remaining choice for Mike to nominate was his friend Will. Mike was shocked and saddened when Janelle decided to evict Will over Erika. He threw part one of the final HOH competition telling Julie Chen to remember Richard Hatch (this in reference to Survivor: Borneo when Richard Hatch threw the final immunity challenge as both of the other players would have to take him to have any shot at winning). He faced off against Janelle in part two of the Head of Household competition and defeated her. He also won the final part of the HOH against Erika. As HOH, he decided to evict Janelle, making Erika his opponent in the jury vote. He won Big Brother All Stars by a vote of 6-1.

Big Brother 14[edit]

He is the oldest houseguest of this season. Mike is known as being a member of the most infamous Big Brother alliance, Chilltown, which also included Dr. Will Kirby. Mike is a longtime rival and enemy of Janelle, as well as an outside friend of Dan. He was the coach of Frank, Ian, and Jenn for the first three weeks of the game. Mike won the first Coaches Competition and used his power to protect Ian from eviction that week. On Day 27, Mike and the other three coaches entered the game as HouseGuests, though when the coaches were offered the chance he was the only one to decline (it only took one vote from one coach to put them all in the game). Mike is especially close with his player, Frank. Mike was a part of "The Silent Six" alliance which also included Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney, and Frank. However, the alliance showed distrust early on as Mike, as well as Frank, considered backdooring Dan the following week. On Day 42, Mike was nominated alongside his former player, Frank. When Frank won the Power of Veto, Shane put up Boogie's former team mate in the beginning, Jenn. On Day 48, Mike was evicted by a 5–2 vote, making him the second coach to be evicted this season. He came in 10th place.

Other Big Brother appearances[edit]

He returned yet again during a food competition in Big Brother 10 (2008) which featured one representative from each season. He appeared on Big Brother 11 (2009) along with three other former HouseGuests Dick Donato, Janelle Pierzina, and Danielle Reyes that were interviewed on the show. He appeared on Big Brother 18 (2016) to talk about Frank Eudy's game in the house.

Personal life[edit]

Boogie graduated from Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts with a degree in finance. He also exercised his passion for theater arts while in attendance. He has a son named Brady. He was in a relationship with former big brother houseguest Krista Stegall and proposed to her on live television during the season finale. She accepted but several months later the engagement was called off.


Year Title Role Notes
1993 Seinfeld Ball Boy (Uncredited)
1997 USA High Customer #2
2000 Psycho Beach Party Bobby
2000 Chump Change Manager #1
2001 Fishes Tom Dowtin
2001 Big Brother 2 Himself/Contestant 17 episodes; placed 8th out of 12
2001 Jack & Jill College Friend
2001 Yes, Dear Marvin
2001 Robbie's Brother Lou
2003 Welcome to the Real Hollywood Mike
2003 Abby Himself
2003 The Parkers Officer Taylor
2004 Reality TV Secrets Revealed Himself
2004 50 Most Outrageous TV Moments Himself
2005 Monk Gambler
2005 Celebrity Charades Himself
2005 Battle of the Network Stars Himself/Contestant
2005 All-Star Reality Reunion Himself
2006, 2007 Fox Reality Really Awards Himself/Presenter
2006 All-Star Himself/Contestant 28 episodes; winner ($500,000)
2007 VH1: All Access Mike Boogie
2007 Dr. 90210 Himself
2007 TMZ on TV Himself
2008 Reality Remix Himself
2008 Yo on E! Himself
2008 Reality Obsessed Himself
2008 Big Brother 10 Himself/Host Food Competition
2009 Big Brother 11 Himself Talk about the final five with Dick Donato, Janelle Pierzina, and Danielle Reyes
2010 Gun A.T.F Agent Monroe
2011 The Talk Himself
2011 Famous Foods Himself
2012 Big Brother 14 Himself/Contestant/Coach 21 episodes; placed 10th out of 16
2016 Big Brother 18 Himself Talks about Frank Eudy's gameplay in the house


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