Mirajana Novakovic

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MIRJANA NOVAKOVIĆ made her literary debut in 1996 with the short-story collection Dunavski apokrifi (The Danube Apocrypha). In 2001 she received the Isidora Sekulić Award for her novel Strah i njegov sluga (Fear and His Servant, 2000), and in 2005 her next novel, Johann’s 501, received the Lazar Komarčić Award for best science-fiction novel of the year. Her latest novel, Tito je umro (Tito has Died), was published in 2011. All three novels have been shortlisted for the NIN Award, Serbia’s most prestigious literary prize. Her novels have been translated into French, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Bulgarian and Macedonia.

Mirjana is published and translated into English by Istros Books based in Red Lion Square London.


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