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Miro Shot is an international multimedia art collective of coders, musicians, writers and film directors that produce a wide range of media including music, short films, games, art installations, books and digital artworks. Miro Shot, part of MiroColabs, simultaneously run numerous projects converging on their groundbreaking central project and focus: 'CONTENT'.


CONTENT is a live VR music and mixed reality piece taking the form of a 360° multi-sensory immersive concert. While the live band performs, attendees wear VR headsets and are submerged in a virtual landscape amplifying the traditional experience of a concert. During this experience the audience is also subjected to wide range of sophisticated stimuli including sound, scent, touch, and heat.

"It's everything that's exciting about a concert but more intense. There are the colours, the sense of place, the aromas, the beats. If you're at a gig and love it that will transform you. With virtual reality it's magnified." said Roman Rappak CEO of MiroColabs in a BBC interview.[1]

CONTENT first premiered in May 2017 at a secret gig in the Centre for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, funded by a Dutch grant.[2]

Online platform[edit]

Miro Shot has launched the online platform http://www.miroshot.com enabling the audience to become members of the 'collective' to interact and actively participate in the creative process. This allows the audience to have direct creative input on everything from the sound of the album, the artwork, live experience and visuals.[3]

“What’s really unique is that the audience will become a member of the collective. Visitors are allowed to participate and affect the artwork and music.” said Ute Kohlman, the artistic director of CBK Amsterdam.[4]
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