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Since his appointment in January 2008 as Public Relations Director for the. Private Office of Princess Jawahar bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, Moaid Mahjoub has had a keen interest in diplomacy,international relations, and public relations. So it is not surprising that in the past several years, Mr. Mahjoub has been recognized for his efforts to be a speaker and spokesperson of the culture of Saudi Arabia to others and why he was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Media of Saudi Arabia as an Honorary Cultural Ambassador in 2012. He has since been recognized as a Cultural Ambassador by the South African Consulate in Jeddah, and as a Cultural Ambassador by the San Francisco State University (ALI). Then in April of 2014, he received a Letter of Recognition from the San Mateo Community College District recognizing him as an Ambassador for the District. And also in April of 2014, he received a Calabash Bowl of Aloha from the Chair of the Honolulu City Council, for his work on building a bridge between the Gulf Region and Hawaii. And finally, in May of 2014, he was recognized as an Ambassador for the Criterion Group and Century 21.

As Partner and Co-Owner of Reach the Horizon, San Francisco, LLC, Mr. Mahjoub has goals to increase Middle-East and Gulf Region investments in California and the U.S., and for the U.S. to develop a greater Cultural Awareness of the Middle-East and Gulf Region. In addition, Mr. Mahjoub hopes to increase tourism, trade, and educational opportunities for Middle-Eastern and Gulf Region people coming to California and the U.S.

For example, Mr. Mahjoub hopes to encourage the Saudi Arabian and U.S State Departments to exchange more cultural activities and events between the two countries. Just a small example, is to show Arabian Soap Operas of real life families to American audiences, thus breaking down barriers and revealing the core of Middle-Eastern life which is about “family”. Another example is to sponsor a regional or national competition one time a year for Americans to produce Middle-Eastern Art, Music, Dance, or Literature, and for Middle-Easterners to produce American Art, Music, Dance, or Literature.

Mr. Mahjoub hopes to encourage Middle-Eastern and Gulf Region tourists to come to the U.S. and for the U.S. to add signs in airports in Arabic to help the tourists find their way around the airport. Just like many airports have signs in Spanish and Chinese or Japanese.

King Abdullah has instituted a huge Renewable Energy Plan due no later than 2032 for 54 Gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy. This opens up a huge possibility for California energy producers. Mr. Mahjoub would like to capitalize on this business trade potential between Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

There is an interest among many Saudi Arabian and Gulf Region individuals and investors to invest in real estate in California and throughout the U.S. Reach the Horizon, San Francisco, LLC, is poised to capture a lot of this business.One point of notice is property taxes. Saudi Arabian citizens do not have to pay taxes in Saudi Arabia and do not like to pay taxes; however, if their taxes are covered under an “impact fee” up front during closing as a one time charge,they will be more amenable to this. Mr. Mahjoub hopes to be able to incorporate the one time impact fee into real estate purchases for Saudi and other Gulf Region clients.

In the area of Public Relations for Reach the Horizon, San Francisco, LLC, Mr.Mahjoub would like to have two major functions: monthly meet ups, and an annual meet up. The annual meet up will be an International Club for business people who will have this one, fantastic get together a year. The result will increase job availability, support start-ups, increase tourism, and increase cultural exchange. The monthly meet ups is primarily for start-ups and students, and whomever wants to develop or create his/her business, and for job-search. It will be used to bring eager and interesting people and businesses together to explore their needs and develop a network to help them increase sales, build partnerships, and become international companies.

Also, questions that are not solved during the monthly meet ups will be saved to be asked at the annual meet up where big picture questions are answered and resolved.

Mr. Mahhoub is a master at turning ideas into reality. He has been recognized by not only officials from his own country, but also officials, educators, and business professionals abroad and in the U.S., for his leadership and cultural sensitivities.

Mr. Mahjoub is an outspoken and confident entrepreneur, and a tenacious and compassionate diplomat.