Modhumoti Bank Limited

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Modhumoti Bank Limited
Public Limited Company
Industry Banking, Financial Service
Founded 2013

DCCI building 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor, 65-66,Motijheel C/A

Key people
Humayun Kabir
Products Finance & Insurance
Consumer Banking
Corporate Banking
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Website Modhumoti Bank Limited

Modhumoti Bank Limited is a commercial bank of Bangladesh.


Modhumoti Bank Limited is a 4th Generation private commercial bank and commenced its banking operations on September 19, 2013.[1][2][3]


It's vision is to lead the new generation of local commercial banks by excelling in customer delivery through insight empowered employees, smart use of technology and a full range of highest quality products and services.


  • Fast customer service
  • Maintain sustainable growth
  • Follow strong business ethics
  • Offer quality financial services with latest technology
  • Provide smooth return on *shareholder’s equity
  • Attract and retain qualified human resource
  • Maintain Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Explore un-banked areas

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