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PCR Educator, Inc.
Industry Software publishing
Founded Bethesda, Maryland (1989)
Key people
Thomas deBettencourt, Founder
Website http://www.pcreducator.com/

PCR Educator is a supplier of software and services specifically designed for independent schools. Its products focus on website management, admissions, student record management, fundraising, CRM, analytics, financial management, ticketing, and education administration. [1]

PCR Educator is based on a SQL database and a number of web applications connecting to the database. PCR Educator’s first product was a Windows-based system for grades, attendance and report cards. Over the years, the company complimented its core student record management service with additional modules including admissions, LMS, website management, financial aid, scheduling, student health, student billing, fundraising, enrollment management.

Thomas deBettencourt is the founder of PCR Educator which was incorporated in 1989.[2] The company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. In 2017, the company also has offices in Rockville, Maryland; Austin, Texas; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Vancouver, British Columbia.[3]


PCR Educator’s history traces back to 1989, when PCR Educator founder Thomas deBettencourt managed the company developing database systems for large corporations such as IBM, MCI[disambiguation needed], NASDAQ, USAir, and the White House. However, when the founder’s wife, who was a teacher at a local school, began struggling with the process of recording students’ grades and report card comments, PCR Educator’s first teacher software was introduced. [3] PCR Educator's student record management (SIS<math>\wedge</math>) was the company's flagship product, which paved the way for other school management software modules developed by PCR Educator.

In early 2000s, PCR Educator converted its software offerings from a Windows client-hosted system, to a web-based hosted solution. In 2012, PCR Educator released Finance Module, the last of the main modules necessary for an integrated system. [4] Later the same year, PCR Educator added Website Management to its services. [5] The company quickly expanded in the US and globally, opening a new datacenter in Vancouver, British Columbia. [6] In 2017, the company is offering a full suite of modules and being considered a top key player in student information systems market. [7]


PCR Educator creates software that helps independent schools across the globe with CRM, marketing, website management, fundraising, student billing and student record management.


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