Paul Barbato

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Paul Barbato
Image of Paul Barbato
Paul hosting a video on his channel
Born United States of America
Nationality American
Other names "Barby"
Occupation YouTube content creator
Years active 2009-present
Known for Geography Now(YouTube channel)

Paul "Barby" Barbato is a YouTube content creator who specializes in educational videos on world geography.

Early and Personal Life[edit]

Paul was born in the United States of America on the 8th of June, 1987. Both of Paul's parents were the children of US soldiers fighting in the Korean War and Korean women. His parents eventually moved to the US. Paul was brought up in the Christian faith but became disillusioned after a disastrous job working as at church in South Korea. Paul returned to the US from South Korea and moved to Los Angeles. In the US, he regained faith in Christianity and became a Christian again. In early 2017, Paul's father past away after fighting a brain tumour.

YouTube Career[edit]

First Channel

Paul started his YouTube career on the 30th of April 2009. He posted videos on a channel named "Paul Barbato". Those video were mainly linguistic videos.

Geography Now

On October 15th, 2014, Paul uploaded the first video to Geography Now which was Afghanistan. The aims laid out for Geography Now were to create a country profile for every country in alphabetical order. Currently, he has over 572 000 subscribers.

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