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Peach house presents is an abstract booking agency started by Katherine Palacios and with later help by Sam Fields. The agency originally started as a creative space at Palacios' home in Sacramento Ca. The original location was first presented as a dingy apartment space name "Peach house" as a contradiction and joke because the apartment building was actually a light blue with peeling paint and a falling apart porch. Originally referred to as the haunted house on O st it was later changed to The Peach House in order to have a more permanent and welcoming name for the creative events held at the location. After many art gatherings, Palacios' decided to put together their first house show with a later date set for their first official festival. With help from artists, musicians, and creative organizations in Sacramento, Peach House Presents was born and became their very own booking agency and event coordination business.

Palacios' having a career in Social Work and Field's having a career in programming, they decided to create a local creative collaborative that eventually blossomed into an international booking agency, working with bands such as "Pregnant", "Honyock", and "The Bottom Feeders". Later becoming the official booking agency for the first US tour for the band "Peach Pit".

Rather than being a booking agency that represents singular artists, Peach House presents decided to support any artist or musician that they believed in without contract and keeping their fees minimal in order for the artists to have the flexibility and affordability to continue touring without worry of high fees and restraints.

Primarily working with other non profits and not for profits, PHP strives to keep the music and art scene within accessible and affordable space for all. By working with businesses that had charitable work behind them they found it a great mix between the arts and giving back to their community.