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Pepe Kamel
Pepe Kamel.jpg
Native name José Eduardo Kamel Elias
Born 1987
Education American School Foundation in Mexico and American Overseas school of Rome in Italy
Alma mater Studied Entrepreneurship major in St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas,Self-taught software developer, Self-taught Digital Marketer
Occupation Founder & CEO of Metric Impact Group
Years active 2012-2017
Known for Mexican Startups"

José Eduardo Kamel Elias, better known as Pepe Kamel.

Early Life and Work[edit]

Pepe Kamel, was born in 1987. He studied high school in the American School Foundation in Mexico City and the American Overseas school of Rome in Rome, Italy. He then went to Austin, Texas for his university studies where he obtained his degree on Entrepreneurship from St. Edward’s University, same place where he started his first start-ups such as a nationwide online university book store and a refurbished consumer electronics company with customers across the globe. He is a self-taught software developer, digital strategist, and lean finance expert.[1]


Kamel is currently the founder and CEO of Metric Impact Group, an innovation-oriented conglomerate that includes a powerful incubator for start-ups that advises and partners with start-ups during early and growth stages. Pepe Kamel is probably the youngest CEO that has been involved in more than 20 start-ups in Mexico and the USA at such a young age. He founded Metric Impact in 2012 when he was only 25 years old[2]Metric Impact has contributed in the tech start-up scene in Mexico by building the foundations of a favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico. [3]

The CEO of Metric Impact Group, Pepe Kamel pays attention to the transformation and promotes it throughout several articles about technology development and talent in Mexico.Mexico has over 115.000 engineers graduating each year. This is a very great number. This number is higher than the engineers’ graduating each year in England, Germany, Brazil, or Canada. The engineers graduating per year in the USA are around 100,000 people. It means that Mexico has a very great number of engineers graduating each year.[4]The position of Pepe Kamel as the CEO of Metric Impact could have benefitted from his skills as a polyglot, since he has made international negotiations and networking in countries that speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.[5]


Pepe Kamel consulted and helped over 200 companies in different areas related to business start ups, internet marketing, social media, software programming and more. Created and launched businesses based on latin america and spain markets.[6]


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