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Born in 1992 in Beirut City, Peter is the leading Lebanese artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of many worldwide artists. Peter trained in a musical studio in bikfaya located in mount Lebanon and followed many instructions on Youtube channels. He currently lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon, and in Bucharest Romania.

Peter begin with his musical career in the 2012 , the first release was in 2014 a cover for One Direction Band a song named You & I , it assumed  a big success on Romanian news & Tv , in Lebanon it has been played on many radio stations as Radio One , MixFm and NRJ Lebanon . On the Reverbnation chart it achieved the number one pop song in Lebanon. After a couple of month he released a second cover for Adelle Hello and also it achieved the number one pop song on Reverbnation chart in Lebanon . 

In 2016 Peter begin to prepare his first release , he worked with G-Morhis a well known DJ artist and music production in Lebanon as a company Label Per-Vurt Records. The lyrics was made by a famous rapper name Samer Ajaj , the song name is BUMP THE BASS .

BUMP THE BASS is a trap style song very energetic for the clubs and events specially for night radios. Peter made the video clip shootings  with one of the best and famous directors in Romania named Alex Ceausu.

Cat Music Label have signed and launched the song recently in april 2016 on their youtube channel and on all radio stations in Romania and in Lebanon.

Peter in the 2 of april made a new song at FlyRecords in Romania by Tudor Ionescu (FlyProject) one of the famous artists in the world known by his music and his releases. The song is a Pop commercial named KILLIN ME 

Peter in the 2 of march added a new song to his album named Let You Down, the song entered to many worldwide top charts and been played by many tv stations in the middle east and in Latin America