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Philip Wharam is a former member of the UK wine trade. He is now a writer[1] and historian, specialising in the Third Reich and the Holocaust.


His play, Mengele,[2] co-written with and starring Tim Marriott is currently touring the UK and Europe and is showing at the Edinburgh Festival[3] and Ludlow Fringe[4] in 2017. It has recently toured in Crete[5] and is scheduled for New York[6] along with Smokescreen's production of Shellshock[7] in September 2017.

A video trailer of the play is available on YouTube.[8]

He has written two novels, Greed[9] and Right to Live,[10] both of which are Random House First Prize Koestler Award winners. The play, Mengele,[11] draws material from Right to Live,[12] a fact-based historical novel which centres on Josef Mengele, the so-called Todesengel, or "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz-Birkenau, infamous for his selection process on the railhead ramps within that Extermination Camp.


Cardiff High School, Royal Holloway College, The Open University.

Personal life[edit]

He is the only son of Tom Wharam[13] and Eve Wharam. He is married to Chelmsford Hypnotherapist Lynfa Wharam.[14] He has one son, David Wharam and two step-children, Rhiannon Lawson and Robert Lawson.


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