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Pia Gupta has had some notable achievements in her life from a very young age. At just 10 years old she published an 100 page novel. Author house made this opportunity possible for her. The book in question is called: The secrets of alyssia island which has had a substantial turnover. The blurb consists of: Six friends happily climb into a canoe and paddle to the mysterious Alyssia Island; however, are they ready for what they will find? The merry company couldn’t possibly imagine the mishaps that might happen over there! Could Alyssia Island be their worst nightmare? Or, on the contrary, could it be a dream holiday destination? In this tale of adventure and hardship, will these innocent children have the strength and willpower to survive? Find out what really happens when you read this book. That is, of course, if you dare … She has been in her local newspaper twice, once for writing a short story: Stardust and once for writing a novel. It is available from countless online retailers including amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Secrets-Alyssia-Island-Ultimate-Adventure-Pia-Gupta/1504939093/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1499705056&sr=1-1 Waterstones: http://www.waterstonesmarketplace.com/booksearch?binding=&mtype=B&keyword=the+secrets+of+alyssia+island&hs.x=0&hs.y=0&hs=Submit and author house.com http://www.waterstonesmarketplace.com/booksearch?binding=&mtype=B&keyword=the+secrets+of+alyssia+island&hs.x=0&hs.y=0&hs=Submit She also helped with the elephant parade in newcastle upon tyne, receiving 3rd prize from her school as she designed an ethnic elephant At age 13 she was selected for the CBBC series Raven, a popular critically acclaimed series for 8 years and the show is being revamped in 2017. Raven is a multi-BAFTA-winning BBC Scotland children's adventure game show that originally aired on CBBC in the United Kingdom from 16 December 2002 to March 2010, over the course of ten series, with three spin-offs. The series was given a reboot from 2017, with Aisha Toussaint portraying Raven. It was originally hosted by James Mackenzie in the title role, who conducted a group of children, known as warriors, over five days through a series of tasks and feats. At various stages in the adventure, the group loses the least successful warrior, until two go through to the final week to compete for the title of Ultimate Warrior.

A new series, described as a "re-imagining" of Raven, has been commissioned.[1] Filming will begin in July 2017, for broadcast later in the year. The new series will star a new lead, Aisha Toussaint, as the titular Raven.[2] Although, Mackenzie will still appear.[


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