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Industry Photography products, Printing
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founders Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy
Headquarters Hanover, New Hampshire
Products Photo sharing, Photo products
Website picaboo.com

Picaboo is a web-based image publishing and printing service based in Hanover, New Hampshire. Customers can upload their digital photos through Picaboo's in-browser application and create a variety of personalized photo products.[1]


Picaboo was founded in 2002 by longtime friends, and Babson College classmates, Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy.[2][3] Series-A funding was secured from Kleiner Perkins and Softbank.[4] The first version of its photo editor was launched in 2005.[4] The name Picaboo was derived from the phrase "peekaboo," a common expression that brings smiles to people’s faces.[5] Originally available as a downloadable desktop application, Picaboo has since retired its desktop application for an exclusively browser-based flash application.[6] In December 2012, The Wall Street Journal rated Picaboo the top photo book creator in terms of finished product quality.[7][8]


Picaboo’s software allows users to customize and order a large variety of products including: photo books, canvas prints, posters, calendars, greeting cards, puzzles, etc.[9] Picaboo customers can personalize their products by adding photos and captions.[10] The software allows for a high level of customization, including backgrounds and pre set templates and layouts.[11] The finishing of the cover can be customized using different materials like cardboard, padded leather or linen.[12] Additionally the customer can choose to include die cuts or engrave the title with gold stamping.[13] In September 2012, the company launched "Picaboo Yearbooks"; a multi-user web application for creating yearbooks and managing yearbook sales via an online storefront.[8][14]


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