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Play Here To Click
File:BSOD - Play Here To Click.jpg
Studio album by BSOD
Released 2006
Recorded 2005-06
Genre Electro house
Length 62:05
Label None (self-released)
Producer Steve Duda, Joel Zimmerman
BSOD chronology
Play Here
To Click

Played Out EP
(2007)Played Out EP2007

Play Here To Click is the debut studio album by American-Canadian electro house duo BSOD, self-released in 2006.[1] The album's release was limited, and did not chart as a result of it. According to Zimmerman (on a livestream), the entire album was produced in one week.

Track listing[edit]

1."Lollercoaster" (Outright Hilarious Mix)6:07
2."Lollercoaster" (Kinda Funny Mix)6:18
6."Less Oblique"6:30
7."Push It Harder" (featuring Marcie)6:11
8."Push It Harder" (Instrumental Mix)6:11
9."A Bit Setchy"4:37
10."Saws & Squares"4:18
Total length:62:05


Adapted from Discogs.[2]

  • Steve Duda – production, writer, mixing, sampling
  • Joel Zimmerman – production, writer, mixing, sampling
  • Marcie Schwartz – vocals ("Push It Harder")


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