Point of You

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"Point of You"
File:Phase - Point of You single cover.jpg
Single by Phase
from the album the Wait
Released October 2014 (2014-10)
Recorded 2013–2014
Genre Post-punk, electronic rock
Label Insight Out
Songwriter(s) Thanos Grigoriou
Producer(s) Damianos Harharidis, Phase
Phase singles chronology
"Point of You"

"Point of You"

"Point of You" is a song by the UK based rock band Phase, featured on their 2014 album The Wait. It was released as a single on October 10, 2014 (World Mental Health Day) digitally through their own label "Insight Out". The single release features the original mix as it appears on the album plus an electronic remix.

The band decided Point of You was a perfect candidate to be released as a single after Tom Robinson chose to have it aired on his BBC 6 Radioshow.

Music and Lyrics[edit]

The song is a heavy guitar driven song featuring electro snippets and signature Phase riff-ing as it was first introduced by songs like “The Smile” out of their debut album In Consequence.


Point of You evidently is a pun altering the phrase 'point of view' in a way that it describes what the lyrics of the chorus explore, leaving hints about the idea of projective identification.

Mental mix was named after a play on the symbolic release date of the single, and it doesn't have anything to do with any DJ's pseudonym, as it was first assumed by the press and fans, since it was Damianos Harharidis, the band's bassist, who remixed it. [1] [2]


The prolific BBC deejay Tom Robinson stumbled upon Point of You and decided to put it on his Fresh on the Net[3] and BBC 6 Radio.[4]


The cover artwork was created by Alexis Marcou, who is also responsible for the cover of the single's parent album.

Track listing[edit]

1."Point of You"4:12
2."Point of You (Mental Mix)"4:05


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