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Police Hour is a 24-hour news organisation based in the United Kingdom which serves news to the policing community and has a monthly readership of 5 million, Focusing on positive policing & political policing issues.[1] The editorial team source their own news content meaning the news is often unique and then carried within other national media.

Police Hour covers news from a policing perspectiveve and has raised issues about the use of Police Spit Hoods within operational policing within the United Kingdom[2] Highlighting the e challeges officer face the independent carried footage of an attack on Police Officers in West London[3] raising the issue of responable force[4] why police officers should work should work with online grooming groups such and Dark Justice along with the need for reforming policing pay due to the current terror threat and demand on officers[5]


In 2016 Police Hour was shortlisted for a national Police Twitter Award[6] [7] and has been nominated for the 2017 awards.


In 2017 following the Westminster Terror attacks Police Hour raised £10,000 for the Police Officers[8] who were left injured during the attacks. The campaign was supported by The Sun Newspaper[9] and BBC Essex.[10] With the money raised being donated to the Met Police Fed to support the officer's recovery Police Hour then raised £1000 for the victims of the Grenfell Tower in West London[11].


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