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Pontiac Land Group is a Singapore-based privately-owned real estate developer with over fifty years of expertise in developing luxury properties. [1] Collaborating with award-winning architects and designers who share similar values,[2] the Group has developed a collection of hallmark properties in prime locations. Each is a distinct architectural achievement, with spaces enriched by world-class, exclusively commissioned art.


Founded by Henry Kwee in 1961, Pontiac Land Group aims to define excellent and exceptional service in the property development industry through the creation of quality real estate for hotel, office, residential and retail services that enriches the well-being and success of individuals and industries.


  • 1974: built Singapore’s first 28 storey high-rise condominium: Beverly Mai. [3]
  • 1980s: enters the hotel development scene; built Singapore’s first atrium hotel
  • 1990s: Millenia Singapore
  • 2007: Singapore’s first hotel concierge for office tenants
  • 2013: 53W53, a 82-storey development located beside the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).[4]

PLG Collection[edit]


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