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Postwinner is a startup founded in 2017 which says "We are dream sellers, We are here to help you to find the accuracy of your guessing ability.We want to everyone to guess and enjoy the outcome.Also we want to keep you updated about the latest trends and help you to try first hand on the latest coming products in various field to give you a unique experience as well as the real exposure to cutting technology by creating a platform where you can rent/sell/buy/try the items."

Their motto is to Make everyone aware about the price list of the items which is available nearby them to get the best price. Their aim is to become the marketplace where you can get the cool products to try,buy,rent and sell.And With their blog they want to make everyone aware about many aspects of this beautiful earth.On their site can also ask any question in comment section and their expert will get in touch with you to solve that.

How to guess price and what is the benefits:

To show your guessing ability just bid the item which is in "bid of the day" and stand a chance to win that product.

Let me tell you its pretty simple just fill the price in the price filed and hit the submit button.Rest they will take care.

What services they provide:

They run "bid of the day" page on which their is form you just have to enter any price which you think is the best price of the item which is would be displayed on that page itself. And if that price match the real price , you will win that item and you do not have to pay anything for that.

They are also running blogs related to below items:

  • Health And Beauty : From this they aim to provide information to stay fit and healthy alongwith that thy are also providing beauty tips on that like how to use homemade products to use as skin care.
  • Startup and technology : From this they aim to provide information related to startup world and the newest technology trends.
  • Motivational : Like name on this posts you will find collectios of motivation speaks and stories.
  • Coupon and offers : They claim to provide best coupon and deal which would definitely work as they used to verify before posting at their end.