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Type of site
Internet gambling
Slogan(s) "The Premier Bitcoin Gambling Experience"
Alexa rank Increase 47,183 (Global, May 2017)
Users 2 million
Launched May 18, 2013; 5 years ago (2013-05-18)
Current status Online

Primedice is a online bitcoin (BitcoinSign.svg) gambling provider based in Serbia. The website was launched in May 2013 as a provably fair bitcoin betting game. Primedice allows players to place bets on the outcome of a random number generator, and is the largest bitcoin gambling website by amount wagered, with over 18 million bets placed per day.[1]


Primedice was first launched in 2013 as an alternative to the blockchain based bitcoin gambling sites such as SatoshiDice. It included the ability to deposit bitcoins and bet an unlimited number of times before withdrawing, and a bitcoin faucet that allowed players to play on the site without depositing. In 2015 Primedice surpassed 20 million bets in a single day.[2]

On June 28th, 2015 and article was published detailing an exploit discovered by a malicious user than resulted in over 2400 bitcoins being stolen from the site.[3]. The user discovered a flaw that allowed them to know the outcome of rolls before they were shown to the player. As he was thought to be legitimate, Primedice paid the user out fully before discovering the glitch.

Dice Game[edit]

Primedice offers a single game called "bitcoin dice" that allows players to bet on numbers picked 0 through 100. When a player places a bet, they choose whether they believe the roll, or number generated, will be above or below a number of their choosing. Betting on a less likely outcome leads to a corresponding higher payout if the player wins. For any amount bet or odds chosen, there is a constant one percent house advantage.

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