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Type Privately held company

Founded 2016 Founder Yaniv Shor, Barak Schiby Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel Key people Yaniv Shor (CEO) Services Web application


Proggio (officially Projectmap LTD.) is a privately held project management application service provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Yaniv Shor and Barak Schiby, and currently has offices in Kfar Saba, Israel. Contents


• 1History • 2Investments • 3Software • 4Offices • 5Recognition and awards • 6References • 7External links History[edit] Proggio was founded in 2016 by Yaniv Shor as CEO and Barak Schiby as CTO. The company initially developed a project management methodology called “Projectmap” and applied for a patent (pending) before forming an advisory board, scoping an application and obtaining investor funding. In April 2016 Proggio made its methodology site available to the public. Proggio released the beta version of its software (which is also called Proggio) in June 2016 for selected customers, available by invitation only. The product was designed around the typical project planning cycle, which often revolves around the sketching, planning, tracking, collaborating and reviewing (KPIs) of a project. Investments Proggio secured seed funding from private investors (Angels) in December 2016. Software Proggio provides a SaaS platform for project management and collaboration. The software is aimed at clear project plan visualization, dynamic planning, collaborating about team actions and coordinating between different teams, and calculating a patented set of KPIs automatically from the project data structure. Its primary features include the planning canvas (“Projectmap”), activity management by resource, dynamic timeline management, single click collaboration and project metrics. The Projectmap diagram concept is targeted to replace traditional GANTT Charts and various spread sheet diagrams suggesting a modern way to visualize project plans and move project objects around. Offices moved to Kfar Saba, Israel in February 2017 which is where the company headquarters are located to date.


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