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ProjectToolBelt is a web based free project management software. It is a free project management software integrated with a paid HRIS, Leve Management and Timesheets module. Launched in late 2014, it has customers in over 36 countries. ProjectToolBelt is a web based SAAS software developed by Expert Outsource Pvt. Ltd, a 12-year-old company providing cloud based project management and time tracking and HRIS solutions. timesheet and expense management software, for automating employee time tracking, project time tracking, absence management, expense tracking and resource scheduling.

ProjectToolBelt is a web-based resource planning and project management application. This is a collaborative software that focuses on key aspects of project and task management, timesheets management, expense tracking. It also has a full featured HRIS and time and absence tracking module called Planmyleave. The My Workspace view gives a quick picture of what tasks are due, current projects, progress status resource allocation, notes and discussions, documents added and actual and estimated dates and costs.

Amongst a host of features, ProjectToolBelt can help project managers effective manage their myriad roles and responsibilities including :

  • Managing and leading project team members
  • Onboarding project staff and consultants
  • Managing co-ordination with customers for project work
  • Detailed project planning and control
  • Developing and maintaining project specifications
  • Managing project deliverables within estimated times and dates in accordance with the project plan.
  • Recording and managing project notes and issues
  • Resolving issued using discussion threads between team members
  • Managing project scope
  • Monitoring project progress and performance.
  • Updating status reports
  • Managing project budget and resource costs
  • Project approvals and task approvals
  • Project approval and review from clients and project managers
  • Working closely with team members to ensure the project meets business needs.
  • Providing regular status reports to the project stakeholders


Expert Outsource’s HR and Project Management product suite includes Planmyleave, ProjectToolBelt and MyWebTimesheets.

ProjectToolBelt's time tracking module allows users to track time against projects, enter billable and non-billable time, and compare expected revenue to the total cost of the project. cnet (Apr 15, 2014). "Project Management Software - Product Reviews". CNET Reviews. Retrieved Apr 15, 2014.  External link in |publisher= (help) [1]


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