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QuadKast Technologies[edit]

QuadKast Technologies is a Chennai based bootstrapped startup specialized on SMAC Technologies[1](Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). The company was incorporated on 5thSeptember 2016 with a founding team of 4 members who have joined hands to provide real time solutions for the real time society.


QuadKast Technologies primarily focuses on mobile application development, web products and consultation for budding entrepreneurs.

Business model[edit]

Like many other IT firms, QuadKast follows a global delivery model with clients across Asia, Africa and United Kingdom.

In its early days, QuadKast picked up business through word of mouth activity and slowly gained traction. The company's vision is to provide high - end customer / client services at lower prices.



QuadKast Technologies primary focus was to tap the ever-growing e-commerce sector. To begin with, they developed a white labelled product called QKart, which provides mobile applications for the retailers who aspire to go online. QKart is developed to support multiple e-commerce CMS's[2] like , Magento[3], Prestashop[4], Woocommerce[5] and Opencart[6]


Teliver is a SAAS based product, developed to provide real-time location tracking for on-demand application business owners. It has been developed as a SDK/Framework which can be integrated using a small snippet of code which enables live tracking without any hassles.


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