Quiane Crews

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Quiane Crews
Born Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Occupation Entrepreneur and Success coach
Known for Chairman at Stealth Performance Communications and C.E.O RoyalKiing LLC,
Website quianecrews.com

Quiane Crews is US-based entrepreneur and success coach.[1][2] He is known as Chairman at Stealth Performance Communications located in Greater Chicago Area and CEO RoyalKiing LLC, a fashion brand be founded at age 20.[3]


Quiane Crews hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He dropped out of high school as result of having a son, Adrian.[3]


Quiane Crews ventured into entrepreneurship after quitting high school.[4] At age 20, he founded RoyalKiing LLC; a fashion brand which established in 2015.[5][6]

In 2016, Quiane became the CEO of Mykicksfye; an online retail fashion store. He also became the CEO of Shenzhen Jinli Communications Equipment Co., Ltd; an electronics producing firm firm and sold it for $100 million in February 2017.[7]

Quiane is a celebrity investor on the YouTube show Pirahna Tank. He is also a mentor, success coach, and writer.[8][9]


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