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Quimere no Parque Trianon 1.jpg
Background information
Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Alternative metal, heavy metal
Years active 2015–present
Website quimere.com
Members Thiago Modesto
Vitor Assan
Paula Janssen
Past members Thaís Amaral

Quimere is an alternative metal band from São Paulo, Brazil formed in 2015 by Thiago Modesto (lead vocals, bass) and Vitor Assan (lead vocals, guitar).[1] Their sound mix various types of music, such as Heavy Metal, Bossa Nova, Raggae and Indie.[2]


Quimere was formed in 2015, in the West Zone of São Paulo city by Vitor Assan and Thiago Modesto, both of which were in several other small projects together, such as With a Spirit and Dynastia.

In early 2016, the drummer Thais Amaral joined the group, and later in that same year they released their first music to the public, entitled "Marionetes".[3] In january 2017, Quimere released their first self tiled EP,[4] and announced a tour around the southeast region of Brazil.[5][6]


Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Thaís Amaral (Drums) (2016–2017)[11]


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