R&R Associates

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R&R Associates
Founded 1999
Headquarters Φ Florida, United States
Number of employees
100 (2010)
Website www.rnrAssociates.com/

R&R Associates (a.k.a. RnR Associates) is a product design firm founded in 1999 as "Riza Design" in Turkiye. Then it moved to Sarasota, Florida and changed its name to "R&R Associates" by 2007.[1] The company has five branch offices in Sarasota, San Francisco, Naples, China and Turkiye.

The owner of the company, Leo Riza, was selected as a Tri County finalist in the Entrepreneur of the year category awards held by EDC (Economic Development Corporation).[when?]

Design and clients[edit]

The company provides complete product development services from product definition to marketing services. The process includes project management, market research, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, manufacturing support, manufacturing, patenting services, quality system and marketing services. R&R clients range from amateur inventors to practicing physicians to global corporations like Xerox, Lipton, and Crestron Electronics.[citation needed]

R&R Associates is mostly known by its "Diamond" yacht and "Refrigerator 2" designs. R&R's successes are published in both domestic and international magazines such as NBC MAGAZINE[2] from USA, PLATINUM[3] from Russia, "TEKNOLOJI" from Turkiye, "BOAT ATTITUDE" from France.


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