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RMS Communications Inc. is a manufacturer/supplier of CATV passives for the Cable TV industry.


Founded in 1943, RMS Communications is engaged in the import, assembly and sale of electronic devices and components for various segments of the communications industry. Today the RMS product line includes over 500 products, which are used in the construction or rebuilding of CATV systems. These consist primarily of specialized passive & active devices such as low-intermodulation splitters & directional couplers, 1-port, 2-port, 4-port & 8-port indoor/outdoor directional taps, line passives hybrid splitters, connectors, filters, isolators, attenuators, drop amplifiers etc.

RMS products are commonly specified in hybrid fibre-coaxial networks where distribution of the RF signals to subscriber homes is required to facilitate the reception of broadband services and return path data to network operators, such as Europe's Virgin Media and UPC Broadband.

RMS Communications has served the CATV industry for over 50 years and is active in the design and manufacture of passive RF electronic devices and are Patron Members of the SCTE in the USA and also its sister organisation in Europe where it is recognised as a learned body for broadband professionals.[1]


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