Rahul Ravi(Malayalam Actor)

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Rahul ravi is a Malayalam Actor acted in few Malayalam films Dolls ,Kattumakkan,Jomonte Suvisheshangal Etc.,He had also acted in TV series like Ponnambili,Nandini(Tamil serial).He was born in Trissur,Kerala.He can speak Malayalam,English,Tamil,Hindi languages fluently.He is also a professional singer.His other films are 'Dial 1091', Kaattumakkan'. Rahul plays the character role of Hari Padmanabhan in the serial 'Ponnambili' aired in Mazhavil Manorama. Apart from acting, Rahul is a professional model who has worked with few popular brands.Currently he is anchoring D 4 dance junior vs senior in Mazhavil Manorama alongwith Hakka Jafar


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