Raj Kashyap

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Raj Kashyap in a photoshoot .jpg


He is a new commer music arranger , music composer , lyricist , graphics designer and also a good singer from assam . He was born on 29 may , 1996 in Hemlai villege ( dist- Jorhat ) in Assam , India .


His carrer started from one year ago . He was coming to Guwahati city with his dreams . At first he was doing the job of graphics designer . Then he was doing work with popular music directors of assam like AJOY PHUKAN , GEET , JOON JONAK , POLASH GOGOI etc . He was learned sound engineering and entered into Music career . Now he work with the Great artists of assam like Zubeen Garg , Achurjya Borpatra , Vreegu Kashyap , Vivek Bora , Priyanka Baishya , Gunjan Bhardwaz etc .


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