Rajdweep (playwright and lyricist)

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Born 20 September 1986
Nagaon, Assam, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Alma mater Gauhati University
Occupation Lyricist, playwright, script writer, critic
Website http://www.rajdweep.com/

Rajdweep Dey popularly known as Rajdweep is an Indian lyricist, playwright and script writer working in Assamese films and theatres.[1][2][3][4]He has written the song Jiri Jiri Noi for the Bollywood movie A Death in the Gunj which had Om Puri in lead role [5][6].


Currently Rajdweep is a journalist working on an Assamese daily Asamiya Khabar. He has written many songs in Assamese. Papon sang his written song 'Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur' for the film Rowd. Recently for the film 'Dur' he wrote lyrics.[7]


Year Song Album Singer
2015 Akax Subo Khuju Akax Subo Khuju
2017 Memories Dewar's ( Mtv) Papon
2017 Aao kabhi Jo Aao kabhi Jo Rupam Bhuyan

As playwright[edit]

Year Play Theatre Remarks
2014 Akou Edin Hengool Theatre Debut as a playwright
2015 Boliya Krishna Hengool Theatre
2015 Juuj (edited) Hengool Theatre
2016 Breaking News Kahinoor Theatre
2016 Bonoriya Hengool Theatre
2016 Bekar Bahubali Hengool Theatre
2016 Betal Police Theatre Bhagyadevi
2017 Best of Luck Kahinoor Theatre
2017 Bindass Chieanjeev Theatre
2017 Boliya Draupadi Hengool Theatre

As script writer[edit]

Year Film Director Remarks
2015 Khel-The Game Ashok Kumar Bishaya [8]

As lyricist[edit]

Year Film Composer Songs
2014 Rowd Jatin Sarma Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur
2015 Ahetuk
2016 Dooranir Nirala Poja[9]
2016 Bahniman[10] Jatin Sarma Matal Ei Raati
2016 A Death in the Gunj[11] Sagar Desai
2017 Dur
2017 Local Kung Fu 2 Khelimeli Mon


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