Ram Bahadur Rawal

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Ram Bahadur Rawal
Ram Bahadur Rawal.jpg
Ram Rawal at Kantipur Office, February, 2017
Born December 11, 1983
Nationality Nepali
Occupation Journalist, Essayist, Editor

Ram Bahadur Rawal (Nepali: रामबहादुर रावल) is a senior correspondent at Nepal Magazine.[1][2][3] He covers legal and constitutional affairs and is a vice-chairman of Constitutional and Judicial Journalists’ Forum (CJJF).[4][5]


Before joining Nepal, he worked with Drishti weekly. He was beaten-up by Nepal army personal during the Maoist insurgency in 2005 while reporting the traditional Deuda Dance in his home district Bajura and sustained injuries on his head and eyes, the Federation of Nepali Journalist (FNJ) reports.[6][7][8]


He is the recipient of the Legal Journalism award-2016 by Nepal Bar Association.[9]


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