Ramat HaSharon Hammers

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The Hammers
Team helmet
Established 2010
Based in Ramat HaSharon
Home stadium Ramat HaSharon New Stadium
League Israeli Football League
Website hammersfootball.com

The Ramat HaSharon "Baron" Hammers is an amateur American football team based in Ramat HaSharon, Israel, playing in the Israeli Football League (IFL).

The Hammers were founded by former Tel Aviv Sabres Head Coach David Miller and were established in 2010 as the eighth expansion team to enter play in the IFL. In October 2010 the team became a part of the IFL and started playing its first season. With its first game, the team got an historical victory over the Jerusalem Kings 38–8.


2010–11 season[edit]

The team played 10 regular-season games and in its first season and had a 3-7 record. The team won against the Jerusalem Kings and twice against the Haifa Underdogs The Hammers finished in 3rd place in the North Division and qualified to the IFL Playoffs, in the quarter finals the team met the Tel Aviv Pioneers and lost.

2011–2012 season[edit]

The team Played 10 regular season games and in its second season and had a 3-7 record. Won twice against the new "Northern Starts" and against the Be'er Sheva black swarm The Hammers finished in 4th[clarification needed] place in the North Division and did not make the IFL Playoffs.


In the early days of the 2012-2013 season the Hammers have officially moved to Ramat HaSharon, and has become the local team. The Hammers play in the Ramat Hasharon soccer field, on the crossing of "Derech Dudu Dotan" and "Hativat Alexandroni".

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