Rape Unreported

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Rape Unreported
Directed by Saif Baidya
Produced by Rajdeep Singh
Story by Saif Baidya
  • Tanuja Chatterjee
  • Fahad Siddique
Shabros Films
Country India
Language Hindi

Rape Unreported is an upcoming 2017 Indian thriller film written by Sabyasachi Bhaumik and directed by Saif Baidya under the guidance of Rajdeep Singh, the director of the Punjabi film Young Malang. Aman Jain Pavaiya is the executive producer under the banner of Shabros Films and Fashna [1] [2]

It features Tanuja Chatterjee in the lead role alongside Fahad Siddique,

Casting is by Sandeep Naysrania.


  • Tanuja Chatterjee
  • Fahad Siddique


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External links[edit]

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