Ravens Bluff

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Ravens Bluff
Forgotten Realms location

Ravens Bluff is a fictional location in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Publication history[edit]

Gateway to Ravens Bluff, The Living City (1989) covers the background and history of Ravens Bluff, with descriptions of numerous locations and personalities; the shops and personalities in the book were all designed by RPGA members.[1]

Ravens Bluff was the subject of a 1998 publication, The City of Ravens Bluff, by TSR, Inc.[2]


Ravens Bluff is the largest city in The Vast, a loosely confederated region in Faerûn, notable for high population density. Raven's Bluff is home to one of Faerûn's only magical item shops.

The Living City[edit]

Ravens Bluff was for many years home to the RPGA's Living City role-playing campaign—a part of their Living campaign—and the site of the Living City series of game modules.[3] The campaign was first proposed by then-RPGA Coordinator Penny Petticord in Polyhedron magazine issue #25 and ended in 2004.

Other media[edit]

The novel The City of Ravens takes place in Ravens Bluff.


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