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Logo of R+K

Ray and Keshavan (commonly referred to as Ray+Keshavan),[citation needed] based in Bangalore, is a South Asian brand consulting and design company. Founded by Sujata Keshavan and Ram Ray in 1989 in New Delhi, Ray+Keshavan was India's first brand design consultancy.[1] Sujata Keshavan has been the company's managing director since its inception.[citation needed]

From 2005 onwards, the firm has focused more on corporate branding.[citation needed] Brand Reporter magazine credited Ray+Keshavan for having "introduced the principles of brand development in India".[2] It offers the full spectrum of branding services: brand strategy, positioning and architecture, naming, identity systems and online strategy. According to Bharat Entrepreneurs, "It is not an overstatement to say that one will find at least one logo or brand that is designed by R+K for every 100m in any Indian metro".[3]

Ray+Keshavan has developed comprehensive branding programs for many of India's industry leaders, including AirTel,[4] Infosys, Kotak Bank, Himalaya, Bank of Baroda, J&K Bank, Network 18, and MAX Healthcare. More recently, Ray+Keshavan has worked for Canara Bank, Shoppers Stop, Arvind Ltd, Trident Hotels and Ceat.[citation needed]

In 2006, Ray+Keshavan was acquired by the WPP Group[5] and now is part of the Brand Union network.


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