Rebecca Housel

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Rebecca Housel
6.29.13RebeccaHouselByLuigiNovi1 crop1.jpg
Housel moderating a Q&A at the 2013 Wizard World New York Experience in Manhattan.
Born Boston, MA
Occupation Author, book editor, lecturer
Alma mater University of Rochester
University of New South Wales
Genre Pop culture, middle grade fiction
Notable works Twilight & Philosophy

Rebecca Housel is an American author and editor who has written about various pop culture entertainment franchises including X-Men, Twilight, and True Blood.[citation needed]

Early life[edit]

Housel attended University of Rochester, where she received a bachelor's degree (1997) and a Master's (1998).[citation needed]

Housel received her Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.[citation needed]

Housel was diagnosed with cancer at age 20 in 1991.[1] Housel also trained to be a domestic violence victim advocate and volunteered as a visitation supervisor for biological parent visits with abused children.[citation needed]


Housel once taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology.[1] She has written book chapters on the philosophy of topics including Monty Python.[2]



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