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Rebecca Smith is a multimedia experimentalist, based in the East Midlands, United Kingdom. She currently runs Urban Projections, a company which collaborates with artists and brands to create mixed media displays. Her works are featured in well known revenues such as The Saatchi Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, Nottingham Contemporary, and The Roundhouse, however her works are just as equally displayed in the streets and unusual outdoor locations.


Smith’s first work experiences were in audio production during her teen years, starting as a sound engineer for recording studios, eventually going into electronic music production and Turntablism. In early 2000, she toured as a Turntablist. As Smith grew up, she found that different art forms were just tools for expression, and that the difference between them had become blurred, from digital art, sound, live performance, etc. In 2005, she started Urban Projections. [1] Smith has a BSc Hons in Audio Engineering.


Smith’s projects include a variety of mediums, including video, animation, 3D design, light projection, creative coding, sound, and live performances. She tends to focus on the juxtaposition of organic shapes or environments with digital or other artificial, technology-based concepts. [2]

Smith’s works range from collaboratory stage design for music artists, installation and projection pieces for company brand promotions, to interactive displays and sculptures for festivals. [3] [4] [5]


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