Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition

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RWM Exhibition
RWM Exhibition Logo (no text).jpg
Inside RWM Exhibition.jpg
Status Active
Genre Exhibition
Frequency Annually
Venue NEC
Location(s) Birmingham
Country United Kingdom
Previous event 13–15 September 2016
Next event 12–14 September 2017
Participants 500+ exhibitors
Attendance 11,000

The Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition or RWM is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases waste and recycling products and services, recyclers of a wide range of materials, specialist consultants and waste management companies.[1]

Founded in 1967 and held annually in September at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England, by 2009 RWM had grown to feature over 500 exhibitors and attract 9,781 visitors[2] from both the public and private sectors. In recent years it has taken place in the NEC's halls 17,18 and 19 with commercial vehicle and heavy plant exhibits in an adjacent outside area.

Exhibitors range from small single-product firms to large international organisations.

The 2017 RWM exhibition will expand to include dedicated energy and water zones, as well as recycling, waste and the circular economy. [3] Previously RWM was co-located with The Energy Event, The Water Event and The Renewables Event; for 2017 onwards the event organisers have consolidated into one all-encompassing show. [4]

Ascential Events has announced that Steve Lee will be joining the group as an industry advisor for the RWM Show, bringing years of experience, most recently as chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).[5]


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